If you’re like most nonprofits, grant funding is critical to supporting your key programs and helping you deliver on your mission.

But to win at competitive grants, your proposals need to be compelling, organized, and align precisely with the funder’s interests and requirements. Grant writing can be consuming; it’s easy to get overwhelmed and lost in the details. An experienced grant writer can overcome these challenges and help your nonprofit win the grant—leaving you free to focus on other important things.

Blue Hyphen Creative has more than twenty years of expertise and experience with finding, writing, researching, and managing grants from corporations, foundations, and government agencies. Our staff have written hundreds of successful grant proposals and raised tens of millions of dollars to support the good work of nonprofits throughout northeast Ohio.

Whether you need someone to write a proposal or review your draft, Blue Hyphen Creative will work to ensure that you never miss a deadline. We will deliver a quality work product—on time—to help your nonprofit reach its financial goals.

Blue Hyphen Creative can help you navigate the complex process of applying for grants. We can help write:

  • Concepts
  • Letters of inquiry
  • Letters of support
  • Proposals
  • Reports
  • Other pieces required by funders (e.g., abstracts, bios, etc.)

With our grant writing service, we will first review the funder’s Request for Proposal (RFP) for deadlines and requirements and work with your team to create a work plan for developing and submitting the application. We’ll then gather project details and write a quality, compelling proposal that reflects your organization and aligns with the funder’s interests and requirements.

While we can’t guarantee that every proposal will be funded, you can rest easy knowing that your application will put your organization in strong contention for an award.

Grant Proposal Review

Grant writing is hard work. And as any author knows, after you’ve slaved over a draft for hours, your eyes glaze over and you begin to miss things. It’s only later that you find little errors: a missing word here, or a wrong word there that spell-check failed to catch.

If would like a professional, objective review of your proposal before it gets submitted, we’re here to help. Our professional editor will compare your draft against the funder’s requirements, ensuring that it is free of any technical errors. She’ll do a meticulous review, looking at things such as grammar, punctuation, word choice, and word counts. She’ll then assess how compelling and effective the case is and make any recommendations for your consideration.

You’ll receive an edited version of your proposal with written comments and suggested edits for your consideration.

With this service, you can ensure that your proposal is strong, perfectly polished, and ready for submission.